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Who Are We?

We are a group of like minded recruitment and training professionals with extensive recruitment experience at senior level, both nationally and internationally.  We have spent many years indentifying roles for candidates and finding candidates for roles.  Having also trained recruitment consultants ourselves, we know exactly what recruitment specialists and employers look for in their ideal candidates – and it may surprise you!

As professional recruiters, we know that many candidates either never even get as far as an interview because of their CV or ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ when being telephone screened or interviewed simply by not being aware of how the process ‘works’ and what they need to know, write, ask and say (or not say!) to be successful.

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Rose Haines
Director, Training

Rosemary Haines has been in the recruitment industry for sixteen years with experience in New Zealand, the UK and Australia.   Her extensive knowledge and experience includes working as a successful consultant in both commercial and in house recruitment.  Rose has also managed and grown a successful UK recruitment company, was NZ Senior Training and Recruitment Manager for a charitable venture and spent five years training recruitment professionals across Australia and New Zealand to be at the top of their profession.

Another passion has been to work extensively with teens and adults, training them in every aspect of ‘work readiness’ to ensure that they are ‘the best they can be’ when competing in the highly competitive current job market.   Also a trained life coach, it is her record of success, her passion and extensive knowledge that has brought Rose to the role of Training Director with Talent Factory Group.

We know just how much people attending our training courses will benefit from her knowledge, experience, people skills and true ability to make people be ‘the best they can be”.


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Dave Jones
Group CEO

Dave has over 15 years experience in internal and agency recruitment roles both in Australia and New Zealand. He is passionate about assisting both his clients and candidates continue their growth and genuinely enjoys the journey that both sides of the process take.  He has been fortunate to have worked with some of the worlds biggest companies and been involved in an array of services ranging from  employer of choice and retention strategies through to HR initiatives aimed at health promotion.
“I love the recruitment industry for a variety of reasons but one of the best has to be the people you meet along the way, learning about what drives them, the businesses they are so passionate about, their culture, the difference they make in their individual markets and I get a real buzz out of assisting them to grow by improving their greatest asset of all, their staff.    There are some exciting plans for Talent Factory as we look to exceed industry expectations and offer an array of services that put our client and candidate relationships first.  Watch this space!”[/pure_vc_Media with Text]