Here at Talent Factory Group, our Training Division is dedicated to helping those who want to enter, re-enter or move within today’s employment market and make them ‘the best they can be’ in what is a competitive and unforgiving environment. Whether you are returning to the workforce after a break, having difficulty just finding that great role or a younger person entering the work force for the first time, we have a course especially tailored for you.

Why us? 

Please do not confuse our employment courses with career counselling or coaching.  Many of whom will provide career direction and advice but may not have been employed in the recruitment industry itself.

We are professional recruiters and trainers.

Our two co-directors have over 30 years’ combined industry experience alone.  In short, we know how the recruitment industry ‘works’. We are able take those who are looking to get that ‘great job’ and turn them into the ideal candidate that any employer would jump at the chance of hiring.

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